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Aloha StarLights! For those of you who have landed here over many years, you might be wondering where my extensive site has gone. No's resting and simmering-to be revived in 2013- when it is time. I've been directed to focus on the SHIFTING energies of 2012 to provide a space of support for those wishing to know that they are not traveling alone.
This is a Sacred Feminine Circle of Knowing where the need to control and using 'power-over' to get what we want, is known as a false center...a focus that cannot sustain itself any longer. All the Ancient writings speak of a return AND AN EVOLUTION OF THE FEMININE as the key to our personal power and planetary transformation.
It is the time of Compassion, Co-operation and Trust. This is the next evolutionary step for our species. Our challenge is to be able to release our hold on the past so we can fully appreciate the rich choices and spiritual promise being offered from the HEART of the GREAT MOTHER.
The planetary SHIFT is calling forth the merging of Feminine co-creative Powers-That-Be in partnership with the masculine to shape our collective future. Self-Growth is a team sport.

You can't evict an idea whose time has Come
"This is my story and I'm sticking to it!"
Naulana (Springs)
I will continue to hold my intent to nudge the ego out of its comfort zone as we move together into a realm where science, religion, rigid belief systems and technology lose their sharp definitions and dominance. The journey to awaken and shift one's view is, by choice, very personal. However there is a common thread woven into the organic tapestry of us all. Can you hear Her whisper?
It is my hope that your whispers of intuition are awakened, restored and heard with unwavering TRUST. Know that the only real solution to these times ... is WITHIN.

"There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time. This expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost. The world will not have it.

It is not your business to determine how good it is, not how it compares with other expression. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open.."

~Quote by Martha Graham

"You're only as strong as that for which you Stand"

Live Aloha

Mahalo Nui Loa to all souls who have the Courage
To live, breath, speak and act from their Hearts

The Galactic Alignment~Choose LOVE


Chant of Transformation-PELE

Opening Heart Chakra ENERGY SHIFTS
the most frequently asked questions

I have been receiving many emails questioning the wide range of changes in physiology that many are experiencing (including myself). This physical change in our state of being is completely dependent upon our current level of consciousness. Know that as we do our inner work to lift our perceptions and embrace ever increasing levels of truth and higher thought, our physical 'being' re-calibrates itself to vibrate higher.
Many are rushing off in panic to their doctor, chiropractor, herbalist and so on, usually being told that there is nothing really wrong with them. And this is the truth. Most of the symptoms are just temporary and simply indicate that their is a SHIFT occurring. No one knows your body better than you. Asking for assistance and answers from your Higher Self for your concerns is always the first step. If you are still unsure, seek medical guidance.

  • Extreme Sensitivity
    As you open up to the higher vibration, you will find yourself becoming extremely sensitive to people, noises, light, smells, tastes, and things you never noticed before. This can affect the central nervous system and can be quite a challenge. You need to take extra B vitamins and a multi vitamin if this is happening to you. There are many homeopathic remedies available as well.
  • Episodes of blurred Eyesight
    An unexpected onset of blurriness may occur. It is not long lasting and your normal vision will be restored suddenly.
    After having many episodes over a number of years myself, I have finally traced it to what I call 'power surges'. It This happens when In-Flowing information is intense and concentrated and your in an environment with a lower vibration. With practice, it will be easier on you as you learn to use your body as a finely tuned transformer. Let it unfold.
  • Excessive Energy
    You go early to bed, exhausted, but in a couple of hours you are wide awake. This is caused because of the body's inability to store the higher vibrating energy you have attracted. It is to be used for healing all the subtle bodies- spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It needs to be assimilated. It can happen often at first so figure out the best way for you to chill. Books, videos, meditations will help.
  • Hard time Speaking
    This can be a frightening experience. Just know that you are changing over from left brain function to more of a right brain function. Areas of the brain are being activated to cope with the higher energy coming in. Sometimes it is hard to speak, words come out jumbled or garbled, this situation will pass, give it some time.
  • Morphed Depth Perception

  • As you awaken to a wider consciousness, your physical vision field widens as well. Peripheral sight can merge with forward sight at unexpected times. As your perception shifts, it becomes easy to run into stationary objects, trip over a rock or misjudge level changes on the ground. This is just a cautionary note to remember to ground and be totally focused when driving and doing linear things in the muggle world. The silver lining (and there always is one) is what wonderful views you will embrace when in nature and in less structured environments. An authentic eyes-wide-open experience ...for sure!
  • Rashes and flu-like symptoms
    These symptoms are caused by the physical body reaction to the toxins that are released when your energy fields begin to expand. Any cleansing practices will help. As we move thru 2012, additional new energies are encompassing our bodies. It's more important than ever to drink lots of pure water to hydrate the cells. Adding crystals will energize your water. Be as gentle with yourself as you can. You are going through a major shift in vibration.
  • Sudden VERTIGO and plugged Ears
    There is a sensation that the things around you are spinning, as you are in a center of stillness. It is NOT feeling dizzy nor do you sense it coming. It is a side-effect of becoming multi-dimensional and having the skill to move your focus between parallel realities, at will. You CAN be in 2 places at once (and more!). Many of us have not had access to an indigenous elder to help guide us thru dimensional travel. With the opening of portals in 2012, this is becoming the new normal (for everyone) in consciousness. REMEMBERING is the have done this before.

Shift Happens
What would you dream if there was no chance of failure?
INSPIRATION~just a click-away
... to stay tuned UP and IN ...



You are WONDERFUL! You are DIVINE!
Transforming the Female Wounded Warrior
For my Dear Spirit Sisters...this one's for you!

by Jeff Brown

And So It is!

There are a gazillion web sites and youtubes sharing the most deeply centered and expansive wisdom for this wrinkle-in-time.
Rather than re-invent the wheel, here are the top links to support you in finding your own way into 2013 and beyond.

~May our Blessings Be~
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Pleiadian Message 2012
For the 'Family of Light' Tribe

Please join Us as we commune with one another into the Now...the place of no-time and full Creativity
You come from the STARS and the time is here to REMEMBER
The Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, Ancient Voices and the Motherland of Mu is celebrated Here

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